Rabia Talib Memorial Welfare Foundation established in view of improving conditions of rural poor population and destitute member of the society. The first Megaproject of the foundation is to construct a charity hospital for the rural patients of Kasur and surrounding areas.

About Rabia Talib Foundation

Since 2005, Rabia Talib Foundation has been working for the betterment of underprivileged and hard up population of neglected areas. Provision of food, sponsoring education, installation of water filtration plants and family support program has been core areas of our services.

Quite a few years, we have been providing thousands of children in our community with free access to hygienic water, educational amenities, scholarships, and clothing. With trusted support of humanity lovers, we have been able to extend our services of dowry provision to orphan girls, monthly food packages to widows and old age citizens. This all has been made possible by the abundantly generous donations of our worthy directors and Board Members.

Having been in the realm of social service, we have realized the dire need of provision of quality healthcare facilities to the disentitled majority of our population. Undoubtedly, the prevailing inefficiency and miss utilization of already constraint resources, coupled with alarming health indicators especially in the case of mother and children health outcomes, is a source of great concern.

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